As the first co-op for people aged 50+, The Vital Age (TVA) is poised to engage the “WPA” – the Wisdom, Passion, and Assets – of our senior members to improve their lives, and to greatly benefit humanity.  



We Will Lead The Way

The untapped power of the WPA of seniors is undeniable. When unleashed, the world will be a better place.

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Bold Member Solutions

For our members, we plan to provide exclusive benefits through co-op membership that they cannot find anywhere else.

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Bold Partner Solutions

Our preferred service partners are among the very best in their arenas. They will also enjoy exclusive benefits as they serve our members. 

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“This is the way the world always changes: everyday people not waiting for people to fix things or come to their rescue, but simply stepping forward, working together, figuring out how to make things better. Now its our turn.”

Margaret Wheatley

What Makes TVA Different??

TVA is the first member-owned co-op for people aged 50+. We are dedicated to maximizing the freedom, vitality and contribution capability of the 50+ population to improve their lives, their communities, and the world,

Member benefits include: 

  • True ownership
  • Shared wealth
  • Complete transparency
  • Exclusive programs, products and services to maximize life’s 2nd half.